Check-In Service

The Pinstripe Check-In is designed to provide the tenant with an understanding of the Inventory as well as allow an opportunity for amendments to be made to the Inventory Report.

A Check-In appointment ensures that the tenants have had every opportunity to query, amend or discuss discrepancies in the property.Tenancy Deposit Schemes are encouraging Landlords and Agencies to include a Check-In as part of the Tenant Entry process.

Service Includes

At Pinstripe Check-In will include:

  • Exemplify damage, cleanliness and condition
  • Make amendments with the tenant on-site
  • Agree meter readings
  • Record and handover property keys
  • Record tenant comments
  • Sign e-report declaration


The finished report is converted to PDF and distributed electronically to our clients via Pinstripe Live within 24 hours of attending the property. The report will also be sent to the tenants within 24 hours by secure link.