The Digital Transformation of the Property Market

A GUEST BLOG from Lead Pro

The structure of the property industry has remained the same for numerous years. On the surface, the market is constantly changing, but the internal systems rarely shift. It’s clear that technology is at the core of these changes. This is a summary of some of the most disruptive property technologies. Welcome to the digital generation...

Property Management Softwares

Desktop and server based softwares are being replaced and upgraded by cloud management systems.

  • Reapit have released a new management software called Jet.

  • Zoopla Property Group are encouraging agents to move from CFP to Jupix

  • New app based management tools are available like Arthur Online.

  • Agents are using the world’s biggest CRM Sales Force to manage property, have a look at Agent Hub to see it in action.

Pre-qualification of enquiries

The competition between online agents and high street agents is constantly growing. A report from Reapit states that one third of consumer enquiries sent through Rightmove and Zoopla are being completely ignored.

  • LeadPro is a free tool for estate agents that instantly replies to portal enquiries

  • The tool provides the enquirer with a short questionnaire to assess their suitability

  • It helps businesses to capture attention and commitment from leads

Live chat

Live Chat services come with a number of business benefits, including reducing expenses, increasing sales and improving customer service, to name just three. A recent study that shows a 75% increase in leads generated over a two month time period.

  • The most evident benefit of Live Chat is the time it saves estate agents, which can in effect increase the productivity of the agency.

  • A Live Chat system can give your agency a competitive edge, as the cost saving benefits, and potential to increase sales, will help your agency get leads ahead of your competitors.

  • It also increases client convenience as Live Chat puts your clients in contact with your agency faster and more conveniently.

The softwares and processes mentioned above all have a similar aim: to simplify the housing process. The impact of PropTech tools is quantifiable and it is noticeably making improvements to the property market. However we are yet to learn of the long term impact on the customer and estate agent.

Matthew Mackay