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Professional Service



8am to 8pm

While 90% of appointments occur during office hours, clients enjoy being able to accommodate evening appointments for tenants who may be attending Check-Out and Check-In’s.


Office Staff

Unlike smaller inventory companies we have dedicated office staff that handle everything from report quality control to assisting with client queries.

Open 7 Days

Books jobs for any day of the week. Come back to work on Monday to find weekend reports completed and ready to download. Helping agents turnaround properties more efficiently.


Geographic Coverage

While basing our offices in the centre of busy property districts, we extend our coverage out-with each city as well.



24 Hour Turnaround

All Pinstripe reports are guaranteed for 24 hour/next working day turnaround. Every report is completed within the property to avoid errors from notes/memory. This has been our service offering since the 1st report we produced.


Online Booking/Workflow

Pinstripe Live is our bespoke online booking and report retrieval system. Using the Royal Mail postcode database, jobs can be scheduled in less than a minute.

High Volume Experts

Our offices are geared towards undertaking a higher volume of workload than small owner operator businesses. This experience can be of benefit to agencies that are looking for a reliable and consistent service level.


Last Minute Experts

We understand the nature of the Lettings Industry and at times agents need contractors to respond quickly. Our system constantly assesses the volume we have booked and predicts the volume we should be expecting. This powerful tool ensures we have sufficient clerk levels to handle those last minute jobs.



APIP Accreditation

All Pinstripe reports carry the mark of our Accreditor – The Association of Professional Inventory Providers. Pinstripe were the 1st company in Scotland to receive this Accreditation and we continue to follow their code of conduct across all our offices and staff.


Extensive Photography

Most reports contain a minimum of around 60 photographs, formatted and embedded directly into the report. Photography is the most useful tool for avoiding dispute situations with tenants. All parties can clearly see discrepancies within scaled close-ups, perspective and overview photos.


Precise Written Word

Still regarded as the benchmark for any report, we have developed the written sections of our reports to be as clear and concise as possible. The clarity and detail helps all parties use the reports to resolve issues quickly.